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ECONECT Brazing unit. S15 (auto gun) 50-60 Brazings

Part No 94350

Network Rail approved. PA05/00051-1


Despite same (and even higher) brazing capacity than previous units the weight has been reduced with 60% which not only makes it ideal for maintenance work, but it can replace much larger units for larger works. ECONECT is powered by a revolutionary new nano-battery with longer life than previous batteries. The weight is only 9,8kg (21,6Lb). Made for brazing pins without fuse wires.


Technical Specification:

Voltage 36 V DC

Number of brazes 50

Weight (incl.battery) 9,8 kg/21,6 Lb



Width 150 mm

Height 280 mm

Length 320 mm


ECONECT SAFE 94350 is delivered with:

Braze pistol S15 Automatic SAFE 91015

Pinholder 8-9,5mm SAFE 9211

Ringholder 8-9,5mm SAFE 9202

Battery 1 pcs required SAFE 80982

Grinding machine BGD800 Makita SAFE 593070

Ground Super magnet SAFE 80730

Tool case SAFE 95240

Shoulder strap SAFE 9523


Add battery charger(not included): Stationary charger 36V/230V SAFE 8048 or Stationary charger 36V/115V SAFE 80481



Ground Grip SAFE 8071

Grinding wheel, silicon free SAFE 8025

Carbide burr, type C SAFE 8014

Carbide burr, type C extended SAFE 8014XL

Pin holder 8-9,5 (A) SAFE 9211

Pin holder M8 (B) SAFE 9213

Pin holder M10 (C) SAFE 9215

Pin holder M12 (D) SAFE 9217

Ring holder 8-9,5 SAFE 9202

Ring holder M8/M10/M12 SAFE 9204

Extension set for S4 / 8-9,5 SAFE 9227

Extension set threaded pins SAFE 9229



Important properties of ECONECT©

Properties of the new Safetrack® Li-Ion battery for ECONECT©:

- Flat discharge curve. 80% of the capacity of the battery can be used.

- 5x higher energy per unit of weight than lead-acid batteries.

- Lifetime, 1000 cycles.

- Low self-discharge, can be stored during long time.

- Below +12°C(53°F) an automatic built-in preheating feature of the battery.

Switch on the unit and it automatically preheat the battery if necessary. Required preheating time is on the label on the unit.

- Must be charged within a temperature range of 0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F).

- Can be fast charged, no equalization charging needed. 2-3h charging.

- Lithium ion batteries are environmentally friendly. Does not contain mercury, cadmium or lead, but will still have to be recycled.

- Max temperature is +55°C(130°F).


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Brazing pin 8mm std (Rail) only for railway applications

Part No 10011



Brazing pin 8mm standard without fusewire and for use with electronic pin brazing units.




Brazing pin 8mm extra (Rail) only for railway applications

Part No 10101



Brazing pin 8mm Extra silver (Rail) without fusewire and for use with electronic pin brazing units.




Brazing pin 9,5 mm (Rail) only for railway applications

Part No 10131



Brazing pin 9,5mm (Rail) without fusewire and for use with electronic pin brazing units.

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Ferrule 8 mm For 8mm std & Extra braz. pins

Part No 2003



Ferrule 9,5 mm for 9,5mm brazing pins

Part No 2009



Ferrule 12mm for threaded pins M8/M10/M12

Part No 2012



Ceramic protective ring (ferrule) specially developed for use in PinBrazing systems.

Controls oxygen distribution and facilitates ionization during the soldering process and prevents the ring holder on the brazing gun from being brazed to the work piece.

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Threaded Brazing pin M8 (Rail)

Part No 10641



Threaded brazing pin M8 (Rail), without fusewire and for use with electronic pin brazing units.



Threaded Brazing pin M10 (Rail)

Part No 10741



Threaded brazing pin M10 (Rail), without fusewire and for use with electronic pin brazing units.



Threaded brazing pin M12 (Rail)

Part No 10561



Threaded brazing pin M12 (Rail), without fusewire and for use with electronic pin brazing units.

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Railbond 25 mm² L=145/40degree Use with 2x SAFE 10011

Part No 3069



25 mm² Copper wire with total length 145 mm and cable lug angle 40 degree

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Hole Punch Tool 8mm

Part No 8001


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Ground Grip 2,7m Max. width=110mm

Part No 8071



A ground grip with very high clamping power to use with Safetrack PinBrazing units.

Used for grounding of non-magnetic materials, such as manganese rails or for avoid having to grind for the grounding spot and save some battery capacity..

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Pinholder 8-9,5 mm (A) also for SnakeBite

Part No 9211



The pin holder 8-9.5 mm (A) for Safetrack's guns. The pin holder is used for 8mm, 9.5mm brazing pins and also for snakebite.

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S15-Angle Head Brazing device f. Econect

Part No 910151


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12V-13Ah High Power Pure Lead Battery AGM sealed

Part No 8092



12V-16Ah High Power Pure Lead Battery AGM sealed

Part No 8093



For Motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, racing, lawn mower, utility vehicle, pinbrazing equipment etc.

Genesis batteries are made of pure lead and more lead plates with suspended glass fiber technology (AGM) that allows the battery not to leak acid in case of injury.

Why is the Genesis battery superior to other batteries?

- Lead (not recycled, 1st batch from the mine)

- Extremely low resistance

- Superior deep discharge recovery

- High rate charge and discharge

- Height 280 mm

- Extremely low self discharge (2 yrs shelf life). Missed trickle charge is not a problem anymore

- Maintenance-free Its high capacity enables lower Ah can be used

- Long life

- Closed cells - Can be installed in any orientation except inverted

- Leaks no acid

- Excellent in low temperatures (-40 ° C)

Technical Specification

- Voltage (V): 12

- Capacity (ah): 16

- Length (mm): 181.6

- Width (mm): 76.3

- Height (mm): 167.8

- Short circuit current: 1600A.

- Internal resistance of 7.5 mohm.

- M6 screw terminal.

Charge Voltage

Cyclic use: 14.7V to 15.0V at 25˚C (77˚F) No current limit

Float use: 13.5V to 13.8V at 25˚C (77˚F) No current limit







Brazing pin




Threaded Brazing Pin


Railbond 25 mm² L=145/40degree

RAILBOND 25MM² L=145/40

holepunch 8mm


Ground Grip


Pin Holder


Angle Brazing Gun


Lithium Battery