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Sigmaguard® LED Series by Siemens

LED Signal Technology at Incandescent Prices
Sigmaguard LED Signal series has benefit from the superior performance of premium LED Signals for a price similar to incandescent signals.

Multiple LEDs and parallel circuitry combined with the exceptional reliability of LED technology leads to lower maintenance costs and fewer train delays than incandescent lamps - essential for today's rail industry

Roding Set

We can supply various types of roding set for connecting point machine to tongue rail

Junction Box

The Junction box specially design for outdoor use and applicable for various types connection. Mostly used to terminating and branching the point machine wiring.

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Safetrack Products

Safetrack the leading manufacturer of electrial connection systems for Railways, Grounding and Cathodic Protection Industry.
With systems such as Pin Brazing, SafePlug®, SafeBond® in assortment we can supply any of the modern cable application method to our clients.

Pin Brazing

Electrical cable connection system for signaling, return
current and earthing applications for the rail industry.

Safetrack® patented electronic PinBrazing system is an extremely efficient, low temperature arc brazing method used for attaching electrical connectors to steel structures such as rails, without the need for drilling holes or welding. It is ideal for connecting cables for signaling, grounding and return/power but can also be used for connecting heat elements and cable clips.



SafePlug® is the new generation of rail web connections with optimal performance. SafePlug® is developed to obtain as low transition resistance as possible between the cable lug and rail.

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